Who are we?

Since 1992 we have awarded good service to our customers and level of dedication takes to deliver as a reliable company. Fortunately, we have some of the best international connection in the business and our customer recognizes our Quality and Commitment to our customers. It is impossible to measure the service we bring, because all you do, you get so much more in return.

We have robust gate way hub in an ideal location in Melbourne, Australia and provide great value and service to our customers. Our global and balanced network offers more products to America, Australia, Africa, China and Taiwan.

It is our basic concept that, we buy only from reliable processor and exporter and the process will be monitored by our technical all through our product processing line. This ensures the quality and commitment to our customers and we reap the results. We also try to make sure our experts follow the commitment to the sustainability and the strong professional ethics and do not compromise on quality. 

We are well equipped to meet your trading needs, which give you decisive advantage in this corporate enviornment  and committed to offer the best possible solutions for it.

We appreciate your business and hope to see as a satisfied family member with the products we supply. Our customers ask for more and more quality of products and they wish us to switch over to other products too.

Our Vision

We also have an upcoming project of owning a world class seafood processing facility in India for our elite customers. We are excited about our acceptance and continue to invest in our business to give more service to our customers